Our infrastructure is based on:


  • A carrier-grade SMS Gateway platform, deployed at a state of the art data center in Athens, Greece with multiple 2-way SMPP/VPN links to mobile operators
  • A wide range of SMS applications developed and hosted in our SMS Gateway platform or provided in ASP mode by local or international WASPs
  • A Bulk SMS platform, with global SMS-MT termination service provided by international SMS brokers


Our SMS Gateway platform supports the following features:


  • Multiple 2-way connectivity to Operators SMSC over public Internet via SMPP/CIMD with powerful routing of inbound SMS-MO messages via shortcodes/keywords as well as outbound SMS-MT messages
  • Multiple 2-way connectivity to third party SMS based applications over public Internet via a wide range of APIs (HTTP/XML, SMTP, SMPP, SOAP)
  • Reception & Sending of text, binary and WAP-Push messages
  • Creation of multiple customers account (VASP)
  • Hosting & Configuration of multiple premium SMS services
  • Real time message tracking, reports and statistics accessible per customer & per service.


An extranet is accessible by customers & partners to view statistics and various usage reports for both inbound and outbound SMS messages of their services.




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