• SMS

    Amazes’ SMS Fusion Gateway Services offer the easiest way to make your messaging business efficient and make money from revenues. Our gateway services enable you to receive and terminate SMS messages efficiently and cost-effectively - the SMS Fusion gateway even handles up to 1600 SMS per second. Our services support universal short codes, Premium SMS, and mobile campaigns, etc.

    1. Download Services: Download Services include a wide range of mobile entertainment branded & non-branded services: ringtones (mono, poly), realtones, black & white and colour graphics, colour animations, wallpapers, video clips and Java Games. The user has the option to order downloads directly via mobile or via the Internet.

    2. Subscription & Charging Services: Amaze have launched a new SMS payment mechanism aimed at ensuring users can access various forms of content without the hassle of using a credit card.

    The solution demonstrates a new way of charging those that want to watch a video, hear a music file, login or collect credits for useful services into a website.

    Key facts about the solution:

    SMS m-Payment offers people a way to make a purchase without the use of a credit card.
    This functionality allows you to make smaller charges that some credit card companies will not allow you to. The solution is enabled via use of the mobile phone, without the need to fill out forms. All users need to do is send a text message to a predetermined Shortcode, and follow the instructions on the return messages.

    3. Mobile Marketing: Amaze delivers mobile campaigns and interactive services—locally and globally. We enable brands, content providers, portals, and media companies to mobilize their messages to consumers around the globe. With a worldwide footprint, a flexible and customizable platform, and dedicated global connections, we create and manage campaigns that are creative, compelling, and engaging.

    4. Dating: In our state of the art SMS dating service, you can create your profile (including age, sex, city & text), search for other users, see their profile and chat anonymously with them. For accessing the service, the user just sends an SMS to a pre-defined service number with the proper command, i.e. “date search woman 19-22 Athens”. The service has many automation features such as clever parsing, command abbreviations etc to minimize user’s mistakes. The service has a photo module, enabling users to add their photo, view others’ ones and exchange photos via WAP push

    5. TV Chat: Amaze creates TV Chat service that enables you to display incoming SMS messages on a screen device. The user simply texts an sms and the msg appears on the screen. The scrolling of the chat text is perfectly smooth even on an average computer with a low-cost graphics card. For the purpose of broadcasting, the chat can be displayed in full screen mode on any monitor attached to the system (e.g. video beam, TV out, secondary monitor...).

    6. Voting, Quizzes & Instant WIN: As mobile messaging continues to grow at impressive rates, consumers are interested in additional applications beyond chat that they can access over SMS. Our resellers such as radio stations, TV stations or magazines are using Fusion SMS platform to run both text based competitions with great success. Media Companies are turning to mobile text competitions to:

    - Develop new revenue channels
    - Provides a direct response mechanism for promotions
    - Automate and reduce operational costs
    - Attract younger audiences to their brand offering


    To submit an answer to a competition, users send an SMS text message to a premium number provided in traditional marketing media or responds to an outbound SMS promotional offer. Fusion SMS platform receives the information and responds accordingly, i.e. for a competition the user will receive confirmation that their answer has been received and if they have the correct answer, if not they will be offered the opportunity to try again.

    7. Information Request (news, bet, astrology): A new value added services, have been launched for all GSM providers customers in Greece, both subscribers and prepaid. It is a mobile sms service, which provides information forecasts at real time to all customers by expert astrologers and associates on astrological issues as well as psychological support associates. The service is provided round the clock, 365 days a year by simply sending an SMS. All forecasts are personalized for each interested customer and are totally confidential. They can be specific on an area or areas selected each time by the customer, i.e. business, financial development, relationships, family life.

  • MMS

    Amaze is the MMS market leader and offers its MMS Gateway Services to enable the reliable delivery of MMS in all Greek GSM carriers. We provide the most common interfaces -- SMTP, MM7, and web interface. Amaze enables your content to be delivered separately as text, image/animation and sound or as an entire SMIL document. Our services support short codes, Premium MMS, and mobile campaigns.

    Amaze MMS Cards enable mobile subscribers to send and receive greeting cards with a personal touch -- offering a real person-to-person messaging application for multimedia communication.

  • IVR

    IVR can work wonders in the entertainment industry. Existing features can be handled far more efficiently - yet at reduced cost - and you can add a plethora of new ones. At the same time, customer service gets a major boost, with the option of 24/7 information access.


    01. Chat lines and party lines (multiple caller conferencing)
    02. Ticket sales and Concert schedules
    03. Date lines (one-to-one conferencing)
    04. Messaging service and exchanges
    05. Horoscopes
    06. Gambling
    07. Lottery results
    08. Psychic and counselling lines
    09. Crossword puzzles
    10. Ticket sales

    Customers call into the IVR system and select from a menu of upcoming events. They then specify a preferred seating section, and can choose from all available seats. (If none are available, an alternative section is suggested). The next step is to enter a credit card number. Once the system has obtained validation, callers are prompted to enter a mailing address and phone number.

    Astroline: experienced astrologists are available for you - 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Cards are individually laid down and if you wish you can also ask for guidance regarding your own personal life.

    Chat, Dating & Party-Lines: have fun with other people, go for a flirt or just talk about everything you want. With this service you can provide a cool platform to your customers. This service is available 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Just have fun!  (On request we can offer more live and recorded services.)

    Concert schedules: An IVR system makes it easier to find out about upcoming concerts. Instead of having to sit through endless lists of current events, your customers are given a short menu of topic choices; effectively a short-cut to the info they want. Through a special access code, event sponsors can ‘jazz up’ the service – perhaps by recording late-breaking information, or a message from the performers themselves.

    Gambling/lottery results: Anxious lottery players can now call a number and hear lottery results from their own and neighbouring states. Gamblers can call a number and hear the latest odds on sporting events or up-to-the-minute scores and results. A surcharge is added to the cost of each call to generate revenue.

    Theatre or movie schedules: Busy people planning a night out simply call a number to find out what movies or shows are on. Location details are also provided.


    • Improved customer service
    • Enhanced productivity
    • Higher user satisfaction
    • Reduced paper usage
    • Reduced staffing requirements
    • Lower costs
    • Efficient information flow

  • WAP Development

    Amaze established WAP Portals my selling famous brands on mobile phones. In its push to sell content 'direct-to-consumer', Amaze has partnered with Vodafone so WAP readers anywhere in Greece can access and pay for content on their mobile phone (Friendly offnet).

    Ads in magazines promote one simple call-to-action so users on any network in Greece and Romania can quickly and easily visit the mobile WAP site. Fast, easy access to the mobile service was provided by Amaze via P-SMS and soon with Bango Txt Trigger.

    Amazes’ txt trigger used to drive readers to the WAP site from the magazine, all the user has to do is send a text message to a shortcode and they receive back a link to the mobile site.

    If you become an Amazes’ reseller you will get your own txt trigger and when users send the specific keyword, automatically you earn money from revenues.

  • i-MODE Developement

    Amaze is ready to bring your project to mobile life! Whether you already have a content website that needs to be transformed in i-mode, or you have a brand new idea, we are here to provide you the best, in terms of usability and functionality.

    Amaze currently develops i-mode sites for 2 well known greek .coms. You can see our own i-mode site here or check it right from your i-mode enabled phone @

  • Video Web & Mobile Streaming

    Amaze provides advanced turn-key solutions for TV stations and TV production companies for adding interactivity elements between television programmes and mobile phones. The mobile interactive TV portfolio includes voting and response services, SMS2TV, MMS2TV and on-screen games.

  • Web Development

    By combining our capabilities, we're able to incorporate powerful technology solutions. However, our real advantage stems from the flexibility, thoroughness and process by which that technology is incorporated into our solutions.

    We start by leveraging your existing technology investments. We integrate our solution with your existing customer and product information.

    Our teams work side by side with your IT staff to ensure a seamless launch and to allow you to make future alterations without our intervention.

    Our technology platforms not only enable highly personalized e-commerce experiences and campaign management, they can power advanced enterprise solutions too.

    Click here to see our web customers & projects

  • Web Hosting

    Don't have a technology staff to host, build and maintain your Web site? Don't know if a simple or more robust Web hosting plan is right for you? Don't worry. Amaze offers proven hosting plans to fit your needs. Plus ALL Windows hosting plan specifications have been UPGRADED - offering as much as 40 GB of disk space, 1000 GB of Bandwidth Transfer and unlimited e-mail accounts.

    • 4 Mbit leased line with 1Gbit Fiber optic network
    • Fully featured and great value for money web hosting services
    • State of the art Data Center
    • High network security level
    • 99.9% availability
    • Steady operating conditions with 24x7x365 surveillance



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