Amazes’ SMS Fusion Gateway Services offer the easiest way to make your messaging business efficient and make money from revenues. Our gateway services enable you to receive and terminate SMS messages efficiently and cost-effectively - the SMS Fusion gateway even handles up to 1600 SMS per second. Our services support universal short codes, Premium SMS, and mobile campaigns, etc.

1. Download Services: Download Services include a wide range of mobile entertainment branded & non-branded services: ringtones (mono, poly), realtones, black & white and colour graphics, colour animations, wallpapers, video clips and Java Games. The user has the option to order downloads directly via mobile or via the Internet.

2. Subscription & Charging Services: Amaze have launched a new SMS payment mechanism aimed at ensuring users can access various forms of content without the hassle of using a credit card.

The solution demonstrates a new way of charging those that want to watch a video, hear a music file, login or collect credits for useful services into a website.

Key facts about the solution:

SMS m-Payment offers people a way to make a purchase without the use of a credit card.
This functionality allows you to make smaller charges that some credit card companies will not allow you to. The solution is enabled via use of the mobile phone, without the need to fill out forms. All users need to do is send a text message to a predetermined Shortcode, and follow the instructions on the return messages.

3. Mobile Marketing: Amaze delivers mobile campaigns and interactive services—locally and globally. We enable brands, content providers, portals, and media companies to mobilize their messages to consumers around the globe. With a worldwide footprint, a flexible and customizable platform, and dedicated global connections, we create and manage campaigns that are creative, compelling, and engaging.

4. Dating: In our state of the art SMS dating service, you can create your profile (including age, sex, city & text), search for other users, see their profile and chat anonymously with them. For accessing the service, the user just sends an SMS to a pre-defined service number with the proper command, i.e. “date search woman 19-22 Athens”. The service has many automation features such as clever parsing, command abbreviations etc to minimize user’s mistakes. The service has a photo module, enabling users to add their photo, view others’ ones and exchange photos via WAP push

5. TV Chat: Amaze creates TV Chat service that enables you to display incoming SMS messages on a screen device. The user simply texts an sms and the msg appears on the screen. The scrolling of the chat text is perfectly smooth even on an average computer with a low-cost graphics card. For the purpose of broadcasting, the chat can be displayed in full screen mode on any monitor attached to the system (e.g. video beam, TV out, secondary monitor...).

6. Voting, Quizzes & Instant WIN: As mobile messaging continues to grow at impressive rates, consumers are interested in additional applications beyond chat that they can access over SMS. Our resellers such as radio stations, TV stations or magazines are using Fusion SMS platform to run both text based competitions with great success. Media Companies are turning to mobile text competitions to:

- Develop new revenue channels
- Provides a direct response mechanism for promotions
- Automate and reduce operational costs
- Attract younger audiences to their brand offering


To submit an answer to a competition, users send an SMS text message to a premium number provided in traditional marketing media or responds to an outbound SMS promotional offer. Fusion SMS platform receives the information and responds accordingly, i.e. for a competition the user will receive confirmation that their answer has been received and if they have the correct answer, if not they will be offered the opportunity to try again.

7. Information Request (news, bet, astrology): A new value added services, have been launched for all GSM providers customers in Greece, both subscribers and prepaid. It is a mobile sms service, which provides information forecasts at real time to all customers by expert astrologers and associates on astrological issues as well as psychological support associates. The service is provided round the clock, 365 days a year by simply sending an SMS. All forecasts are personalized for each interested customer and are totally confidential. They can be specific on an area or areas selected each time by the customer, i.e. business, financial development, relationships, family life.

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