IVR can work wonders in the entertainment industry. Existing features can be handled far more efficiently - yet at reduced cost - and you can add a plethora of new ones. At the same time, customer service gets a major boost, with the option of 24/7 information access.


01. Chat lines and party lines (multiple caller conferencing)
02. Ticket sales and Concert schedules
03. Date lines (one-to-one conferencing)
04. Messaging service and exchanges
05. Horoscopes
06. Gambling
07. Lottery results
08. Psychic and counselling lines
09. Crossword puzzles
10. Ticket sales

Customers call into the IVR system and select from a menu of upcoming events. They then specify a preferred seating section, and can choose from all available seats. (If none are available, an alternative section is suggested). The next step is to enter a credit card number. Once the system has obtained validation, callers are prompted to enter a mailing address and phone number.

Astroline: experienced astrologists are available for you - 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Cards are individually laid down and if you wish you can also ask for guidance regarding your own personal life.

Chat, Dating & Party-Lines: have fun with other people, go for a flirt or just talk about everything you want. With this service you can provide a cool platform to your customers. This service is available 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Just have fun!  (On request we can offer more live and recorded services.)

Concert schedules: An IVR system makes it easier to find out about upcoming concerts. Instead of having to sit through endless lists of current events, your customers are given a short menu of topic choices; effectively a short-cut to the info they want. Through a special access code, event sponsors can ‘jazz up’ the service – perhaps by recording late-breaking information, or a message from the performers themselves.

Gambling/lottery results: Anxious lottery players can now call a number and hear lottery results from their own and neighbouring states. Gamblers can call a number and hear the latest odds on sporting events or up-to-the-minute scores and results. A surcharge is added to the cost of each call to generate revenue.

Theatre or movie schedules: Busy people planning a night out simply call a number to find out what movies or shows are on. Location details are also provided.


• Improved customer service
• Enhanced productivity
• Higher user satisfaction
• Reduced paper usage
• Reduced staffing requirements
• Lower costs
• Efficient information flow

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