WAP Development

Amaze established WAP Portals my selling famous brands on mobile phones. In its push to sell content 'direct-to-consumer', Amaze has partnered with Vodafone so WAP readers anywhere in Greece can access and pay for content on their mobile phone (Friendly offnet).

Ads in magazines promote one simple call-to-action so users on any network in Greece and Romania can quickly and easily visit the mobile WAP site. Fast, easy access to the mobile service was provided by Amaze via P-SMS and soon with Bango Txt Trigger.

Amazes’ txt trigger used to drive readers to the WAP site from the magazine, all the user has to do is send a text message to a shortcode and they receive back a link to the mobile site.

If you become an Amazes’ reseller you will get your own txt trigger and when users send the specific keyword, automatically you earn money from revenues.

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