Micropayments are the most convenient way of billing consumers for services. They are used for anything from paying for tolls on roads or for parking spaces, but their success is attributed mostly to digital services and virtual goods.

Users can pay for a service (content download, sending a short message, access to premium resources etc) using their phone. This solves the “free rider” problem of having users / viewers / readers / listeners who consume your product but give nothing back.

Such services are offered via Premium SMS (MO and/or MT billing) or Premium rate voice lines. Our micropayments platform can be easily integrated to any existing PSMS shortcode (MO or MT) anywhere in the world.

How it works

  • The client shall show on the website, instructions informing the users of what they should do in order to pay for provided services or goods.
  • The instructions shall indicate a shortcode to which the user shall send a SMS with a certain keyword (or call to a specific premium rate number).
  • Amaze platform, having received an SMS, shall “inform” the website about the received SMS and transfer it to the special script in the website.
  • In the same way, if the user calls to a premium rate number, then he/she shall enter the code he/she is told into a form on the website; the form verifies the code on Amaze platform.
  • Access codes list can either be generated by Amaze or we can use an existing list generated by the client.


  • Simple and convenient
  • Instant transactions
  • The process of user verification is automated to a great extent and is based on a phone number and PIN code.
  • Delivery time depends mostly on how fast the user enters transaction parameters from a mobile phone, in our service the entire operation takes max. several seconds.
  • Support for recurring transactions (e.g. monthly subscription)
  • Security: there is no need to provide any confidential information. As opposed to credit cards, all mobile phones payments (incl. on-line transactions) have to be authorized with a PIN code known only to the user. This guarantees full security at the time of making payments. If a phone is lost, stolen or damaged, it is sufficient to inform a given GSM operator which will automatically block the phone and the possibility to make payments.



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