Amaze offers an affordable and easy to use Bulk SMS solution to all kinds of clients (banks, financial institutions, brands, retailers etc). Our solution enables clients to send Bulk SMS messages to any GSM mobile subscriber by the use of our Web2SMS portal (manual mode) or any third party application via API (automatic mode).

The provision of our Bulk SMS solution consists of the activation of a customer account on our platform, bundled with prepaid SMS credits.

Using this solution, any authorized personnel in the company can send SMS messages by the deduction of its SMS credits depending on the type of SMS and destination.

Features List

  • Sending of various types of SMS (normal text message, Binary SMS, WAP Push SMS message) via the Web2SMS portal or a specific API
  • Different modes of SMS delivery ( normal, flash SMS, stored on SIM, stored on phone)
  • Sending Bulk SMS using a contact group list or upload of a CSV file
  • Sending customized Bulk SMS using a CSV file in the form of (number, message)
  • Import/Export contact list using CSV file (up to 10,000 contact per list)
  • Deferred sending time
  • Possibility to modify the Sender ID (max of 11 alphanumeric characters)
  • Fast delivery with message status report (transmitted, delivered, buffered, failed).
  • Changing of Password by Administrator
  • On line SMS Credits balance at Administrator level and Users level
  • On line User Guide.
  • Daily and monthly usage reports available to Administrator and per user
  • Various statistics reports based on different criteria (Daily Statistics, Sent SMS, Failed SMS, Queued SMS, ….).
  • Reliable SMS delivery to all 4 GSM networks in Greece
  • High Throughput of SMS per second (limited by mobile operators capacity)



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