Amaze has long established direct connections to all 4 Greek MNOs (Cosmote, Vodafone, Wind, QTelecom) for the provision of premium SMS services.

We have a wide variety of available shortcodes with different tariffs in order to cover all possible needs. Premium SMS can be either MO (billed for each message sent by the end user) or MT (billed for each message received by the end user). This allows companies to quickly generate revenue from promoting premium SMS based services through dedicated keywords on shared shortcodes.

Amaze can handle all aspects of SMS development in-house and provide the infrastructure setup or provide you direct connectivity through a simple but solid API, in case you you prefer to run your own services.

Sample services

  • Content Download: we offer a wide range of branded & non-branded content: videos, ringtones, realtones, wallpapers, animations and Java Games.
  • Subscription Services: with the introduction of MT billing, it is now possible to offer subscription based services, thus eliminating the need for resending SMS for each request. The user can just opt in to the desired service (e.g. content) and receive the content on a regular basis. Billing is also made on a received SMS (MT) basis.
  • Alerts: with a very strong portfolio of partnerships with well respected content providers, we can deliver the most engaging informational SMS alerts. Our content covers  all possible areas of interest, such as Sports, Astrology, Beauty Tips, Gossip, Weather, Name days, Facebook status updates etc
  • Photodate: In our state of the art SMS dating service, you can create your profile (including age, sex, city & text), search for other users, see their profile and chat anonymously with them. We provide an easy to use environment where the user can access all the functions within just a few clicks, without the need to learn or remember anything, it’s all visually presented.
  • TV Chat: Amaze creates TV Chat service that enables you to display incoming SMS messages on a screen device. The user simply sends an sms and the msg appears on the screen. The scrolling of the chat text is perfectly smooth even on an average computer with a low-cost graphics card. For the purpose of broadcasting, the chat can be displayed in full screen mode on any monitor attached to the system (e.g. video beam, TV out, secondary monitor etc).
  • Voting, Quizzes & Instant Win: As mobile messaging continues to grow at impressive rates, consumers are interested in additional applications that they can access over SMS. Our resellers such as radio stations, TV stations or magazines are using our premium SMS platform to run SMS based competitions with great success.



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