For your customers, mobile phones have become more than just devices for talking on the move, and they would no sooner leave home without their mobile than they would without their wallet or keys.

This close relationship that now exists between your customers and their mobile phones makes mobile marketing an ideal complement for your marketing campaigns.

With a successful mobile marketing campaign, you can:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Build consumer communities
  • Create an opt-in consumer loyalty program
  • Learn more about your customer

Sample Solutions

  • Quizzes, voting, chat, instant win and more
  • A web-based interface to easily manage all your campaigns
  • Technical assistance and creative insight as you build up your service
  • Customized direct marketing campaign
  • A user-friendly interface to design, create and publish your personalized text messages
  • Implementation of multi-channel campaigns (via SMS, MMS, WAP Push)
  • Your web site goes mobile
  • Accessible anywhere, anytime
  • Custom site development (cHTML, WML, HTML, etc.)
  • Product image and brand jingle download services
  • Creation of content suitable for all mobile handsets
  • End-to-end service, from ordering to delivery of content



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