We have a proven experience into providing exciting, ARPU-boosting VAS services to MNOs. We’ve already launched a series of cutting edge mobile applications & portals, such as Photodate, Astromobile, Adultmobile, MMS cards etc, both through On & Off deck environment, for Cosmote, Vodafone Greece, WIND Hellas & AMC.

Amaze works closely with MNOs to strategically develop reliable & easy to use services, capable of addressing the entertainment and informational needs of end?users. We are extremely flexible and we continuously search for upcoming Market trends. Investing in new services & content enables us to keep the interest of our audience live and high.



Benefits for operators:

•    Increased revenue
•   Strong differentiation
•   Increase in the messaging ARPU
•   Improved retention of subscribers
•   By providing a value-added service that customers find useful, operators also increase loyalty to their brand.



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