The Mega Promo is a game that allows mobile users to participate and enjoy themselves, while entering a contest for prizes. The prizes can be one or more cash prizes, supercars, flats or house, or anything that is desirable to the users.

Each game can have its own concept, customized to the operator’s on-going marketing communications, motto, logo, colors, or even Social Corporate Responsibility actions (ecology is a hit mass SCR theme).

The most usual format of our Mega Promo is a Game of Trivia via SMS. The Operator will advertise in the media and will also send a couple of bulk messages to their active user base.

The users respond by sending their first SMS and… the game is afoot!

What’s the need?

The financial crisis makes Mega Promos even more relevant. With people being under the pressure of a crisis that the media repeat over and over again, there is a growing need for a way out. Big prizes offered by a brand that users already trust is their way out of the routine.

Furthermore, on-going price wars among MNOs and the introduction of lower-value users has led to the decrease of the Average Revenue Per User. This is an international phenomenon and Mobile Operators are reviewing all sorts of possible solutions. A good way to reach annual targets is for them to create an ARPU-increasing game, like the one we offer.

The RICHERTM method

To maximize the ARPU, we have developed a method that is known by its acronym RICHER.

This method is used to Recruit, Involve, Cluster, Habituate, Engage and Retain the user.

This is done by our RICHER platform, which makes the experience more relevant to the user. This is done by enriching the user experience with information that the operator shares about the user, or that we collect from the user directly.



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